From GB GROUPAGES & LOGISTICS we are going to try to contribute our grain of sand to those who are suffering from the invasion of their country UKRAINE.


The plan is to go once a week with the needed goods on one truck to the largest Polish-Ukrainian border in Medyka.

The data as we all know... is....that thousands  are crossing  the Polish border every day, many of them on foot. It's really sad, mostly women with children.

The most need it :

- Pampers for children
- Toilet paper
- Toothbrushes and toothpaste
- Handkerchiefs, normal and wet
- sanitary towels
- Sudocrem (against nappy dermatitis)
- "dry" food goods that can be handed out to people at the border right away, that don't break quickly (sausages, Krakers, Sevendays, instant soups, canned goods, dried bread, ready-made meals, biscuits, nuts, chocolate, bars, wholemeal wafers, muesli bars, energy gels, soy products, canned fruit, and vegetables)

- Sweets for the children

- Small toys 





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